Astchem Warm Mix technology is additive-based and conforms to the requirements of IRC SP 101:2014. It helps to reduce production and application temperatures of asphalt mix by minimum 30° C, thus resulting in considerable savings in fuel and reduction in emission of Greenhouse gases.

Further it provides the following performance and constructability benefits to the asphalt paving industry:

  • Reduces bitumen aging, by reducing the temperature and retaining most of the good properties of bitumen in the asphalt mix, thus slowing down the rate of deterioration.
  • Reduces fatigue cracking.
  • Improves density, thus improving the strength, stiffness, durability and resistance against moisture damage, hence, increasing longevity of the pavement.
  • Eliminates need of separate anti-stripping agentby virtue of inherent chemistry, thus improving the adhesion between binder & aggregates.
  • Allows compaction even at 90° C, thus allowing more compaction window.
  • Extends paving season as asphalt paving can be done at extremely cold temperatures.
  • Allows use of more recycled asphalt.