India has the second largest road network across the world at 5.4 million km. This road network transports more than 60 per cent of all goods in the country and 85 per cent of India’s total passenger traffic.The Indian roads carry almost 90 per cent of the country’s passenger traffic and around 65 per cent of its freight. Last few years India has taken giant steps in road development work with the improvement in connectivity between cities, towns and villages in the country. With such rapid increase in road development work, increasing focus has been given on Sustainable Development in road materials and construction practices.

Sustainable development is nothing but development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Advancement of asphalt technology over the last few decades have brought in many sustainable technologies, that reduce air emissions including greenhouse gases and other contributors to climate change. These technologies include Cold Mix Technology, Warm Mix Technology, Cold recycling technologies to produce up to 100 percent recycled asphalt mixes; and asphalt pavements that never wear out, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the frequency of repair and degree of replacement.

Astchem Technology has been formed by experts having wealth of experience in the field of sustainable road construction technologies all over the world, with technical support from globally renowned technology providers. Objective of Astchem Technology is to provide complete solution to the customer by delivering superior quality products backed up by unmatched customer support to meet their unique needs as well as of the asphalt paving industry in general.

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