Cold Mix is produced by mixing suitable grade of bitumen emulsion and unheated mineral aggregates while maintaining the proper moisture content. Cold Mix can be produced either by using pug-mill, WMM plant or even a simple concrete mixer without any requirement of heating. The paver and other construction machineries, as is normally employed in road construction, can be used for execution of these works. Astchem Cold Mix is an engineered solution based on the type of aggregate used , weather conditions, site characteristics etc. Specially designed emulsions and additives are used to produce cold mix. Astchem Cold Mix properties exceed the requirements of IRC SP: 100

  • Cold Mix technology is field application of mix design based tailor-made bitumen binders with the available aggregates without need of any heating in an environment-friendly manner.
  • It is not necessarily supply of specified grade of bitumen emulsions.
  • Has been used extensively in many countries for new road construction and for preventive/ corrective maintenance.