Astchem Bitumen Emulsion RS-1 is a specially designed water based Bitumen Emulsion with excellent viscosity and fast setting time that makes it an ideal product for Tack Coat spray application. It is chocolate brown in colour and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature. Astchem Emulsion RS-1 is manufactured strictly as per IS 8887 : 2004.

Advantages of Astchem RS-1 Tack Coat emulsion

  • Increased asphalt content at interface (unaged)
  • Easy to apply and homogeneous curing
  • Low temperature curing
  • High adhesive properties
  • Water resistant and enhances easy drainage of water
  • Fast setting. Low tyre pick-up
  • Enhances structural strength of layers
  • Prevents lateral movements of structural layer
  • Provides an impervious layer to prevent water ingress from water table below the road layer

Astchem Emulsion RS-1 can be applied an existing, relatively non-absorbent surface to provide a thorough bond between existing and new surfacing