Astchem SS-1 grade emulsion as per ASTM D-2397 is specially designed water based Bitumen Emulsion with low viscosity and slow setting that makes it an ideal product for Prime Coat application.

Advantages of Astchem Prime Coat emulsion are:

  • Excellent setting characteristics
  • Bound well with cool, damp surfaces
  • Stable and convenient to use
  • Coats and bonds loose material particles on the surface of the base
  • Hardens and toughens the surface
  • Plug capillary voids in the base course surface

Astchem SS-1 grade emulsion for Prime Coat application goes on to improve pavement performance because it:

  • Makes sub-grade more resistant to moisture and weathering.
  • Good bonding of non-bituminous and bituminous surfaces.
  • More composite structure capable of withstanding heavy traffic loads